We craft narrative films and promotional documentaries for Haunted Attractions looking to reach out to their audience in a new way. Whether you are looking for content for social media, a film for the landing page of your website, or a narrative film to help tell the story of your attraction, we are here to provide you with whatever film services you need to meet your goals. Research has also shown that video is proven to make customers 75% more likely to purchase. 

Presenting a professionally made film builds trust with your audience - trust in your ability as a Haunter to create a scary and compelling immersive experience. Let us help you get your voice out to a larger audience. see below for EXAMPLES of our work and The services we offer.

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Bring Your Monster To Life With Your Own Film

Develop the legends around your characters by sharing with your fans their origin stories in a short narrative film. This deepens the story you tell with your attraction and gives your character(s) instant recognition. Working with your own unique sound design and music, in conjunction with the soundscape within your attraction, will create anticipation for your guests before they even see your monster. This is a common Hollywood horror film trick, and is why all your favorite characters from Michael to Jason have iconic music that accompanies them on each kill.

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Cinematic Backstory to set up your Park

Engage your audience while they wait in line with the story of your attraction. Give them a compelling opening sequence which gives them all the exposition they need to follow the story you are telling inside your park.

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Park Teasers To Drive Hype

A promotional trailer that weaves together moments from the actual experience in your attraction, showing audience members what it's really like inside.

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Cinematic Social Media Content

Whether narrative or documentary, films created specifically to engage your audience on social media.


Behind The Scenes Documentaries

Our award winning documentary crew will follow you as you put together creative elements of your attraction, or tell the story behind your park. This is cut together with interviews from key creatives on your staff.

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Instructional And Training Videos

Films for internal use for job training including special effects / make-up or to educate staff on best business practices and safety.

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Customized Services Tailored To Your Budgets And Goals

Every business has a unique clientele and it’s own set of goals. Whatever your production needs are, we will work with you to put together something that works for you within your budget.